Company Secretary's Handbook

New Handbook for Company Secretaries, Corporate and Statutory Administrators, Prescribed Officers and Compliance Officers!

Over 2000 Questions on the Companies Act and Corporate and Statutory Secretarial Practices, Answered

including Practical Examples and Cases, Templates of Meetings, Minutes, Resolutions, Certificates and more!

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Editor in Chief: Advocate Leigh Hefer  (B.Sc. (Hons), LL.B (cum laude), LL.M (magna cum laude), Ph.D.


A practical analysis on the new Companies Act and Company Secretarial Practices, Procedures and Forms and involvement in all types of Companies and Close Corporations, including Company Secretary's role in Corporate Governance and King IV.



Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Background to Companies Act, Act 71 of 2008

Chapter 3: Appointment of Company Secretary

Chapter 4: Duties of Company Secretary

Chapter 5: Remuneration, Resignation and Removal of Company Secretary

Chapter 6: Corporate Capacity of Company

Chapter 7: Categories of Companies and Close Corporations

Chapter 8: External Companies

Chapter 9: Domesticated Companies

Chapter 10:  Ring-Fenced (RF) Companies

Chapter 11: PAIA Requirements of Companies

Chapter 12: Conversion of Companies

Chapter 13: Holding Companies, Subsidiary Companies and Group Governance

Chapter 14: Related, Inter-Related and Control

Chapter 15: Pre-Incorporation Contracts

Chapter 16: Stipulatio Alteri Contracts

Chapter 17: Incorporation, Registration and Transfer of Companies

Chapter 18: Company Registered Office

Chapter 19: Company Names

Chapter 20: Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI)

Chapter 21: Company Names

Chapter 22: Alterable, Unalterable and Ring-fenced Provisions

Chapter 23: Company Records and Access to Records

Chapter 24: Corporate Debt

Chapter 25: Debt Instruments

Chapter 26: Pre-Emptive Rights

Chapter 27: Par Value and No Par Value Shares

Chapter 28: Securities and Share Capital

Chapter 29: Authorised and Issued Share Capital

Chapter 30: Options for Subscription of Securities

Chapter 31: Capitalisation Shares

Chapter 32: Rights Issues and Rights Offers

Chapter 33: Employee Share Scheme

Chapter 34: Dematerialised Shares

Chapter 35: Share Certificates

Chapter 36: Securities Register

Chapter 37: Beneficial Interest Holder

Chapter 38: Transfer of Securities

Chapter 39: Securities Transfer Tax

Chapter 40: Consolidation of Shares

Chapter 41: Distributions

Chapter 42: Share Buy-Backs

Chapter 43: Public Offerings of Securities

Chapter 44: Annual Returns

Chapter 45: Stakeholders and Stakeholder Inclusivity

Chapter 46: Notice of Shareholders Meetings

Chapter 47: Record Date for determining Shareholders Rights

Chapter 48: Shareholder Right to be Represented by Proxy

Chapter 49: Shareholders Meetings and Annual General Meetings

Chapter 50: Voting at Shareholders Meetings, Meeting Quorum, Postponed and Adjourned Meetings

Chapter 52: Shareholders Resolutions and Written Resolutions

Chapter 52: Minutes of Shareholders Meetings

Chapter 53: Shareholders Agreements and Shareholder Relationships

Chapter 54: Legal Position of Directors, First Directors and Election

Chapter 55: Ineglibility and Disqualification from being Directors or Prescribed Officers

Chapter 56: Vacancies on Board and Removal of Directors

Chapter 57: Board Meetings, Quorum, Board Agendas, Minutes and Board Resolutions

Chapter 58: Duties and Liabilities of Directors

Chapter 59: Board Committees

Chapter 60: Deregistration and Reinstatement of Companies

Chapter 61: Fundamental Transactions and Affected Transactions

Chapter 62: Forms and Standards of Company Records and Regulatory Agencies

* Comprehensive Index

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1st Edition
~ 2000 Pages
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